Going back to 1998 I was working with Macromedia, the company behind some of the  web technologies that forever changed the way users interact with websites. I then went on to work for Startups as a web designer and webmaster. I had this moment of clarity, that I remember clearly. I said to my self, "What if I can  apply this thing I am so passionate about towards helping others? What if I can help  small businesses thrive online?". That thought hit me like a bug and I knew then that there was no way back, I had to do it.

This was about 15 years ago and to this day I can't see my self NOT DOING THAT! 

Today more than 50% of small business websites fail to successfully perform when it comes  to reaching that potential client base. Either because they lack on visual appeal or fail to have an effective online marketing strategy in place, or very often, both!

Some of the folks we've helped.

These are projects that I worked on as a one person team or have collaborated on as a group, or with an agency.

Opening soon.

We are very excited for two new web design projects we are currently working on. Perle, a Wine Bar that will be launched Summer 2017 in the Montclair Village in Oakland. Also opening soon is Queen's Kitchen Louisiana, a southern cuisine eatery, opening in the SF Embarcadero Fall 2017.

Over the years I have created and/or collaborated in hundreds of web design projects ranging from artists, music labels, realtors, flower shops and more.

I focus on design that is clean, direct and effective. I custom design each package, tailored to each client's needs.

For a FREE website assessment or to simply discuss how my experience and background can help improve, sometimes drastically, how your website performs, please get in touch. It will be a pleasure!

Web Designer and SEO Consultant
Phone: (415)240.7357
Email: fausto@studiolapa.com